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Our team of sales and service professionals support Ricoh copiers & facimile as well as a host of other products.

MDM Office Products Inc was established in 1991 and services a broad base of clientele in the Waterloo-Wellington & Perth counties.    Click here for a map.

The Ricoh line of Aficio products are networkable, multifunctional
Digital black & white and full colour office products that make any form of Image Communication simple, even in the most complex of business environments. Digital image processing, Network connectivity and ease of image communication form the underlying concepts that go into every Aficio product.

In the present day business environment, sharing information productively, creatively, and efficiently is absolutely essential. Ricoh's answer to this crucial question is the Aficio. Ricoh's Aficio series of networkable, digital imaging systems--including digital copiers, multifunctional printers and scanners--meets the most strenuous demands of the modern business environment. Aficio offers speed, flexibility, top-notch finish, and cost effectiveness.

"Aficio" comes from the Latin root afficio, which means "manage", "handle", "move", and "influence". It reflects Ricoh's creative concept of commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ricoh pioneered the development and introduction of digital copiers in the early 1980s, and now driven by the Aficio series, it holds the top market share on a manufacturer basis for digital copiers in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

The Aficio series is an essential element in the Document Highway, Ricoh's endeavor to enhance office efficiency by networking its digital equipment and applications so that they perform with appliance-like ease through an open architecture.

The combination of Aficio products with software, service and support enables Ricoh to provide its customers with the best possible solutions for their document processing.


C o l o u r    P r i n t e r s

MDM Office Products can provide you with the tools you need to replicate that unique custom designed logo into hard copy.

Speed vs Quality vs Price:
Ricoh works hard to design a quality product that combines innovative features with lower operating costs to beat the competition.

Ricoh assists you to immediately improve your productivity with dozens of advanced features built in with:
Dual access memory:
Scan new documents into memory while the previous job is working.

Fast connection:
Begins dialing and transmitting even before your complete document has been stored.

Ricoh Facimile and Multifunction machines perform common tasks easily.
Equipped with optional interfaces for scanner and PC connectivity Ricoh makes complicated tasks look downright ordinary.

What could be easier?
RICOH from MDM Office Products Inc.

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"Insist on only genuine Ricoh toner for your equipment. The improper use of non-OEM products can upset the delicate balance between image development, toner transfer and the finished product."
Check for updated software and drivers
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